Samuel Acebey was born in Germany 1987 and raised in South-America. After successfully finishing his studies and his formation as a tailor he won several national and international Fashion Awards such as Audi Fashion Award in 2012. He soon settled down in Berlin to start working for several Fashion Brands as a designer, besides getting to know the fashion scene in Berlin. 

Influenced by diverse historical events and art periods he creates a style characterized by high-quality using premium materials mostly from italian and french suppliers. His detail obsession like embroideries and embellishments give some couture accents to a sporty look. 

All garments in his seasonless collections bring together the highest level of craftsmanship paired with a smart sophistication for an urban multicultural cosmopolitan that feels at home everywhere she goes. 


#SPA II/17 She Plays Alone


The second collection II/17 by Samuel Acebey was inspired by the Frida Kahlo painting‚ "Girl With Deathmask" (She Plays Alone).
Influenced by the painting and Frida Kahlo’s lifestyle, charged with a vivid optimism, the colour palette emerges: bright grey plays against radiant prints, in hues of sorbet orange, lilac and greenery, fused with white details. The strong use of vibrant colours with a soft base is a bold statement about escaping daily Tristesse.
Luxurious hand embroidery and embellishments besides an infinity of craft techniques, combined together to reflect the spirit of traditional sewing and complete a unique look.
The garments breathe a natural femininity and a careful sophistication, in natural premium fabrics like delicate pongé silks, soft virgin wools and rich cotton.
Elaborated silhouettes and drape elements garnished with feminine organic details create a bold modern dimension. Voluminous and chunky but airy pieces forming space and movement for a wild spirited woman.


#SWM I / 16 "Swim with Mermaids"

SWM is a seasonless, prêt-à-porter collection, and an allegory to the urban cosmopolitan woman.

The combination of sporty and high-quality couture materials create a very interesting and beautiful symbiosis of contrasts: fragile and rough, Sporty tailored yet romantic kittenish. The woman type suits both styles: fragile, delicate, but also strong, unconventional and confident.

A sporty and casual look is my goal. Sensuality, confidence, passion, modernity with a touch of romance are the main topics. The collection is visually inspired by the stylistics of the French court at the Marie Antoinette time and 

her lifestyle characterized by youth and light-heartedness, transmitted to the present day. Opulence is decreased to an urban, minimalist look to satisfy my clients internal need for serenity and independence in their lifestyle.

The color palette is based on the Pantone colors 2016 (Serenity Blue / Rose Quartz) and is framed by gray tones.

The patterns are „freesize“ and built according to „Zero Waste“ principle. Loose, figure-flattering cuts guarantee high wearing comfort and are thereby comfortable "Favorite Pieces"

SWM is distinguished by a mixture of unusual Basics and interesting individual pieces of which share a common, individual design language, offering  a variety of mixing possibilities. The collection is universally usable and flexible for any occasion.


With the long lasting comfort found in sporty material and the couture details of a Paris catwalk, ACBY fashion label churns out a truly original collection that embraces contrasts.
Created for an urban cosmopolitan girl with a comfortable temperament, these daring dresses go the distance. Billowing pink and grey frocks adorned with ultra-femme tulle and flower details grace the collection from this fashion label which takes inspiration from history and culture. Designer and German-Bolivian fashion artisan Samuel Acebey seems to master award-winning design concepts and then breaks all the rules. Filled with imaginative silhouettes and pretty pastel palettes, these dresses and tops are not for the faint of heart. If you are wondering if a brand can evoke playful mood, yet stand apart as a fashion-forward couture inspired work of art, the answer is a resounding yes.
— the Cool Hour