Kimono Jacket

Kimono Jacket


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Optimal for a chic throw-on style in this chuck-on style kimono jacket

  • open front
  • big shawl collar
  • batwing style sleeves
  • Seam Pockets 
  • relaxed, oversized silhouette
  • chunky material, 100% Wool velours

Made 100% in Berlin, Germany

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Care Instructions: Allow 24 hours before wearing a wool garment again. The natural resiliency of wool fabric will allow wrinkles to fall out and the original shape to bounce back. Apparel made from wool fabric require cleaning only once or twice a year.

Soil and dust can be removed from wool fabric by brushing lengthwise with a garment brush. Wool garments with heavily napped surfaces should be brushed regularly. Finer wool fabric should be restored using a damp cloth instead of a brush.
If a wool garment gets damp, hang it out of direct sunlight. Be sure to brush it after it is dry. 

If a label says "Dry Clean Only" take the garment to a professional dry cleaner for the best results. You may choose to hand wash the garment instead. However, the garment probably hasn't been treated for washability. Washing may result in some shrinkage, loss of color, and/or the fabric may lose some of its softness.